Sun And Mirror

star-19566Explanation of God from the example of sun and mirror!
Let us consider God as the Sun.
He reflects everywhere and on everything.
If you consider the moon as one great mirror, then you can see the reflection of the sun there. Moon shines.
Now consider every being as a mirror here on earth.
Some mirrors are facing the sun directly so they are showing the sun in its full glory. Those are called true believers.
Some are facing away from the sun, they only reflect partially. These are having lesser faith.
Some are facing downwards and hence the sun doesn’t reflect back in them. They are the non believers.
Some are covered with dust even if they are facing the sun. These are the ones whose faith is clouded with doubts.
Some are curved mirrors and they show the sun very big and others very small. These are the people who have more concentration of God’s light in them. They reflect more or less depending on the curve. They might be called godmen or sadhus.
Those that reflect a powerful beam which can burn you are the dangerous types with fundamentalist views.
This gives you an idea how God is seen in every being. He is only a reflection in everyone. He is actually not present in anyone. Remember the Sun is outside.
This analogy gives you some idea about the words that God lives in everyone’s heart.
This is a simple example but God can never be understood by any example.

Photo Credit pixabay