Supreme Divine Program Execution

Supreme Divine ProgramThe Sun shines in the daytime and Moon shines during night. The Sun rises in the east giving energy and daylight to do our activities. The moon shines in the night with a very pleasant peaceful glow, so that we can have a good night sleep to relax from daily strain.

Isn’t it wonderful! Who has manifested them and programmed them for their daily activities? Yes, everything comes from that one Supreme Divine domain, which is Almighty God. He manifested the universe just like that and programmed it to work efficiently. The Sun and The Moon follow diktat of God’s command and work for him. They pray to Supreme Divine and execute His program very accurately, that which is embedded in them by this Divine God. To survive on this planet.

Do you think that God has programmed us humans, in the same way? Yes I believe He has programmed every one. To fulfill our material worldly wants we have always prayed to the deities and put forth our desires and wants. These are minor deities not the Supreme Divine. They can only fulfill our petty needs. But now, having understood that the Supreme Divine is the True Controller of everything, including the deities, I urge you to turn towards to Supreme Divine. This Supreme Divine is called by different names like Krsna, Father in Heaven, Bhagavan and etc.,

When I meet MyKrsna(KrsnaKnows), seeking Knowledge from Him. Since He teaches Right Spiritual Knowledge in the material world. He helps us, material beings to become spiritual.

I now slowly understanding this invisible form of God Almighty by some experiences which is the Grace by MyKrsna. I promise My Lord (MyKrsna) that I will work hard to execute His program for me just like the Sun and Moon.

I, samarpan my Life at His Lotus Feet. I pray to the Lord for two things
– Requesting Him to let me be a dust particle on His Lotus Feet.
– Praying to Him to give strength and capability to execute His programs successfully and accurately.

Image Credit: Pixabay