Though I have written many times on this topic, there always seems to be no percolation and seepage happening so I write again about this topic called swadharma. Swadharma can be loosely defined as that which comes to you naturally as your duty in this creation.
Now we tend to think that there are things that we need to do by which we can save million lives or save humanity from the evils of this world. Having an indomitable spirit and braving all calamities we need to do some unimaginable task. There are people who have the never say die attitude and then they go out of their way in achieving things in this world. None of the above comprises the swadharma.
So you think that you went out of the way in getting the rarest blood for some poor guy, scoring the ton in a test cricket, collecting food and clothes for flood victims, etc does not comprise that set also.
Now let us see what we can do normally in our daily lives.
Getting up early, doing the morning ablutions, maybe cooking food, going to work in clock work precision in time, attending to your job meticulously and with full gusto, eating normal food that comes to you without any effort, working with your kids and getting their homework done, getting food and veggies from the market, etc may sound very normal stuff for humans to do.
But this is the bane of human beings. We do not want to get up in time, never want to go to work with full enthusiasm or attend to our regular duties with precision and perfection.
We want to do the extraordinary stuff, get fame and fortune, put in efforts which does not comprise our normal duties.
Now see how the elements do their stuff naturally. The sun gets up precisely and shines all day, the rain brings down sleets during rainy season, the river flows along, the birds get up and start their singing, the trees grow about, the flowers bloom naturally and the whole universe goes about with its work. the Earth spins around, the starts twinkle, the moon shines and the seas roll.
Now think what is natural to you.
Is it about doing the extraordinary or is it doing the ordinary with full efforts and precision?
Paying full attention to all our mundane tasks and going about following the life’s path without any murmur. If you are a beggar then begging is your swadharma, if painting comes to you naturally then you can be a painter. Remember all that comes to you by nature and without much ado is your true swadharma.
A mixer grinder does the job of mixing and grinding, a washing machine does its job of washing clothes, a truck hauls cargo or a crane lifts load.
Now what do you do? You want to excel in something which is no way a part of your life. You want to save the world. Climb mount impossible.
Does that come to you naturally or do you have to change tracks and move in a world by forcing yourself to do that?
Corruption comes naturally to most of the people but we want them to change and become saints and responsible citizens. Do you think that is their true swadharma? Think!!!

Image Courtesy by pixabay