Sweet Darwin! Mother Of Monkey!

The uncertainty principle is studied by every student of science but the truth about uncertainty could never have been understood by any human. The world runs ahead to meet this uncertain future.
A new three parent law is getting enacted in UK. Two males and one female will be the parents of a child whose egg will come from one woman and sperms from two men! The single male is inadequate since his sperm has an issue of mitochondria which will be supplied by the other male! So what name will the child carry?
Today people are not thankful for their known parents at all. They wish they never were born from these set of father and mother. The idea of birth is very repulsive for them. Some believe that the selection of their parent is an aberration in their lives. Some believe their father is a big pain in their ass and some their mothers.
The human body gets its physical ingredients from this laboratory of the world. Any human being can be created from any ingredients from any supplying bottle around. Maybe a rat who can incubate human cells in a lab! Or even a petridish or a test tube! Now that would be the highest uncertain human created, n’est ce pas? I wonder would he or she call the monkey or rat the father? After all the specimen was incubated by the lab monkey or rat!
Do you get what I mean? The life ahead will be the most uncertain. A decree or piece of paper cannot tell us our parentage. And what are we doing about our own parents now? We think the parents who provided us with these known cells, blood and brain are the worst set. Not worthy enough. We don’t care for them at all. We are getting human love and caring from them but we hate them and curse them every single day. We wish we were never born from their womb egg and sperm.
Loving our parents is important. We have the opportunity to do so now since we know them well. Just imagine you were a child whose antecedents were not known. Your mother or mothers came from many sets of animals or lab creatures who provided various components of the egg and your fathers are dozens of other set of creatures who gave sets of mitochondria or some other part of the qualifying sperm?
We should be thankful to our truly known parentage and tree of family. Sometimes we don’t care for what we have and sometimes we hate our own people. Let us become thankful for what we got! Amen!