Taken Charge Of You?

What does it mean, in spiritual,when someone says that they have taken charge of you? Does it mean that you have empowered that person over you?
Surrendering at the feet of the Master completely and being the best tool in His hands would mean that He has taken charge of you! Without having complete faith in the Master, you can never surrender to Him. So when we begin from the word ‘faith,’ what does it entail for you? You have complete trust in your Guru. Even if He were to tell you to drink a glass of poison, would you do so unflinchingly?
Meerabai, had complete faith in Krsna. She had never seen Him physically and neither had she known of another who had seen Him, yet when it came to a point when the court decreed that she has betrayed her husband for Krsna’s sake and so she should be given a glass of potent poison. She drank it with complete faith in Her object of devotion, Krsna! Such was the extent of her faith in Him, that the poison became nectar.
Such kind of unflinching faith in your Master is needed first before you move to surrender at His feet.
Surrender means to completely give up your own physical or mind control and hand over the reins in your Masters hands. Believing in Him and not bothering about where and how He would be taking you ahead in the path of spiritual.ou
Surrendering your body, senses, mind and every other thing that you have ownership of. What the Master does with you should never be your concern. He may twist or turn you into a lump of clay or throw you to the lions also, it should not affect you. You have to surrender yourself to that level where He takes you in His hands and molds you the way He wants you to.
Your mind is a devious one which doesn’t want to surrender at all. It tells you what you are supposed to do or refuse to do. It will throw up logical answers or illogical ones too. The mind will color your thought process and instruct you overriding your Gurus commands always.
If your Guru tells you to go shopping at the duty free stores in the airport and the boarding gate has closed would your mind come in the way? Your mind will tell you that it is the biggest mistake of your life and your plane will take off. But it doesn’t. Not because it is still not time to take off, but since the Guru gave you His word so it won’t leave you behind.
Similarly, He loves you so much that He wants you to login right at the time when the satsang is about to begin and so you do. He appears in your dream to instruct you to login at the precise moment. So ask yourself if your surrender is complete or not?
Stray instances to correct that mismatch of your faith by His multiple re-confirmations through various methods brings back that trust. Then surrendering becomes easier. Now know that He has taken charge of His devotee.
Devotion towards the Preceptor or Guru increases once surrender is complete. You are now a putty in His able hands for Him to take you to higher levels. The ultimate truth is He has drawn you closer the moment you came to Him. The process was just a build up towards the ultimate destination. You were already the marked one. He was already in charge of you.

Image Courtesy by Mythistical