Taking Responsibility

responsibilityMan has stopped taking responsibility for everything that is happening around him. He has God to blame it on. God is an easy scapegoat since He is invisible and not to be found. Then again, man loves to pass on the blame to others and here he has someone to do it on to. Even though man cannot find Him being unmarked, God is the marked one in the market for playing Tag!
Everyday we are losing believers and moving closer towards becoming a skeptical society. Religion is loosing its charm and the belief in God is waning. What is the reason for this disbelief? Should God do something about it or should man?
God is believed to be some sort of magical person with special qualities. He is capable of doing some impossible stuff which is beyond human understanding. But today man is not able to see any magic in this world. He sees that God lets good humans die and the bad thrive. He sees atrocities committed against the poor and downtrodden. He sees false prophets fill their own coffers and become rich and powerful.
God is nowhere around to stem this rot. The terrorists are taking charge in the name of religion and the rich are getting richer. The government is taxing the poor more and the rich aren’t getting taxed. Large corporations are becoming larger by the day and avoid paying any taxes. The poor and hungry are getting killed and religious or color discrimination is on rampage.
On the other side, earthquakes are destroying homes and lives, the global warming is fast becoming a reality, the droughts are destroying lush green farmlands, the cold is becoming bitter, man is now planning to go to further planets, the largest telescopes are going to look furtherest into the beginning of time, the Himalayas are melting and becoming smaller, aircrafts are fast disappearing and more such unnatural tragedies are happening.
Back to the mankind, young women and children are getting raped and slaughtered, more and more diseases are spreading, newer strains of germs are thriving, sexual orientation or partners are unusual, animalism or weirdest form of BDSM, etc., are thriving.
Fees to colleges are getting stiffer, education is becoming a luxury, parenting is expensive, the job market is becoming tighter and choosier. Man is loosing his grip over commonsensical things. He needs gadgets to do his regular chores, advanced monitoring systems for health and security are in place. With this diversity of incomes the luxury seeking on one side and the poor and hungry on the other, the belief in the divine has come to a point of termination.
Questions which rankle humans and doubts are assailed by the logical minded aren’t addressed by any of the clergy or spiritual persons. Since no one seems qualified to answer these pertinent questions, it is assumed that since there aren’t any divine answers, the likelihood of Gods existence is zero.
Questions like the ones which talk about man being made in the image of God, how is God able to create the vast universe out there? Where did He materialize it from? How old is God if the Big Bang happened a zillion years ago? Who made God? Where was He before He created this universe? Where is heaven or hell? Why does the God become angry and vindictive? If the holy books were written by man, how does he know about God? So many questions which go unanswered by anyone. These throw doubts in the mind of a thinking person. Doubts leads to disbelief.
Stories of ghosts or goblins, fairies and angels seem an imaginary world created by some hyper creative person. Heavens and hells with streams of enjoyment and distress respectively bring visions of worldly Disneylands or horror flicks. So what about the truth? Truth can be ascertained by material proofs alone. But there aren’t any to offer except some vague words written in a codex by some past ancestor.
So where does God actually exist?
To find God, you need to find yourself first. Who are you? Who were you before birth? Where did you come from? If you are an organically grown molecule birthing in someone’s womb, how come you didn’t become a pile of multi-celled blob of a creature? So you aren’t a bulbous cellular creature, but a being who lives in some sort of a house called the human body. So again, who are you?
From there onwards the journey begins. What makes you alive and who keeps you alive? You are a logical compilation of senses, mind, body and so on. And if we were to shut down all senses would you know light, sound or feel anything? What would happen if you were to destroy your mind?
After much searching you will arrive at the core of the mystery. Something or someone higher in you moves you, makes you and runs you. So if that which makes you who you are is the same as the one who makes others who they are, then it must be a cumulative force or some sort of being higher than us.
Yet at the end of the line, it’s you who makes a part of the whole something. So you are representative of that whole. So after death what occurs? Zero or something else? Can you imagine we haven’t even covered an iota of understanding here. So what about all those questions above which vexed you? Aren’t you responsible one to solve some issues?
Since you too represent the part of the whole, you are bound to answer certain questions pertaining to your expertise. You represent that whole whom believers call as God. So solve some issues yourself. You do that for your family and friends, don’t you? So do it for others.
Even if you don’t believe in some higher power called God. Believe you are the part of some greater power and provide answers for certain vexing issues. Maybe that magical God doesn’t exist for you. But you exist for now. So why not wake up that power within to change the lives of your fellow beings? Shake up that miraculous power you hold inside of you to progress in this universe. Go far beyond your physical limitations and perform miracles to conquer the realm of Gods.
There is no point in blaming others or someone unknown with miraculous powers. Take responsibility for the things that are within your purview and control. Be smart and resolve issues. Stop the blame game. Whether you are a believer or an atheist take the pledge of becoming responsible. You can change the climate by being conscious about the environment. You can help the needy and have-nots. Raise the God within.

Image Courtesy by pixabay