Technological Singularity

Where does that technological singularity really exist?
“The technological singularity, or simply the singularity, is a hypothetical moment in time when artificial intelligence will have progressed to the point of a greater-than-human intelligence, radically changing civilization, and perhaps human nature.” This is the classic definition given by Wikipedia for technological singularity.
Now all the great scientists and technology experts, along with those who talk about the future seem to believe that machines will rule the future universe. Human kind will be subjugated and overpowered. But let me tell you what is in store for human kind.
What the scientist predict is based on Moore’s laws and every other law plus inputs from the likes of those who believe they can foresee the future. Of course, I am not discounting their vivid imagination. We are moving towards faster and faster speeds and in innovation and technology and also in technologically advanced machines which can replace human kind. That has to happen, any which way. But the thing which these great folks missed out is way beyond their imagination. They are all going by what they foretell by means of machines.
Some others who believe in “Alien Invasion,” think that alien races which are technologically advanced may come and rule us and subjugate us. Which is not an impossibility too. These are science fiction writers. I still remember Jules Verne predicting the travels with submarines and other such techniques which were way beyond his times. H.G.Wells too contributed along with him. These writers could tell you the future without their crystal balls.
I am neither a scientist, nor a futurologist. Sometime back I used to predict future based on some unresolved mumbo-jumbo like palmistry, astrology, tarot cards, etc., which naturally all the above mentioned scientists and their ilk will pooh pooh. So let me begin.
The movie called “Terminator” describes a cyborg which comes to kill Sarah Connors, since she is going give birth to the future John Connors, who is responsible for Skynets destruction. Now this story directed by James Cameron was quite a hit, since there he talks of the creation of the cyborg and thence the super computer Skynet. The story line is no doubt futuristic and also possible scenario but the essence is missed out.
The rise is not of cyborgs or skynets which the universe needs to fear but that of women!
The universe and every other computer or cyborgs or for that matter the technological singularity itself has to fear are the women. They are that singularity.
The rise of the female human kind is to be feared and not any technological advancements. They have been the most highly suppressed kind till today. But soon the universe will see their meteoric rise. They will dominate everything that the men considered their sacred grounds.
Whether it is the home or work place, sports arena to the scientific fields, underwater to outer space, boardroom to bedroom! Every place they will dominate and dictate. The men will become slaves and servants. They will turn the world upside down.
Earlier the women used to wonder which loo to use. Now the men will. Earlier they were considered as mothers and child bearers, but in the future they will eliminate that process completely. They will have incubators or culture centers where the eggs can be converted into superior humans. Especially of their kind and only the subservient male kind.
If you go to the chicken coop, you can see that most of the stock are the female layers. That is- they are programmed to lay many eggs as compared to the village chicken of earlier times. Now take the case of honey bees. The queen selects the one who can provide the male portion and they then use it for fertilization. The male bee then becomes redundant so they dispose him off.
The future holds that the use of a man will be limiting only to providing the male gamete, otherwise he is practically worthless. The females will rise to the level of superiority and hierarchy in their own kind. Some will be workers and others will be spawners, some will run the complex machinery and others will control them. Since all kinds of complex processes will be run by machines which are fully automated then they have no use for the males.
Even the ratio of male to female will be fast reducing in favor of the females of the species. So consider this scenario. There will be complex machines to do simple to complex tasks and space crafts to deep exploration vessels. The one to run this entire gamut of operations there would only be women and some neutered males.
Do you think that is an impossibility? Think again. The only singularity we should be scared off is the women kind. After years of suppression, they will rise now. To let you know whether this is the truth, look around and you will see that it has already begun now. The seed is sown and the plant has just given off its first shoot.
If you believe I am off my rocker, then let my writing be tested out in time. The answer will tell you the truth. By then it will be too late.

technological singularity
technological singularity

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