The Ant And The Grasshopper!

The Ant and the Grasshopper is a wonderful story. The ant gathers food and stores it during summer and the grasshopper only sings. Come winter the grasshopper asks the ant for food and the ant says that since you sang in summer go and dance now in winter and refuses to share her food.
In spiritual world we are grasshoppers. We sing songs to God all our life and beg for food from all ants in life. We do not store and hoard grains because we believe God will take care of all our needs. We do not insult people if they ask us for food. We share all our stuff with others. We have extreme faith in God so we put everything at His feet and ask for His grace. We don’t hoard or keep for a rainy day since we have complete faith and trust in God. We know He who has made this universe knows how to take care of His own creations.
We are the grasshoppers of God living on Gods mercy and loving Him always.