The Apple

The small girl picked up the apple and bit into it. While playing and toying with the things around the store she chewed on it. Her mother indulgently asked her whether she could take a bite? The small girl cried out refusing her mom.
The play went on for sometime. They did their shopping and came to the check out queue.
The mother billed everything except the apple which her daughter had finished. She wheeled the cart out.
The little girl found that game very interesting. So every time they went shopping the little girl engaged herself in this deceptive game. It was exhilarating for her. Once the shop security stopped her but she quietly slipped it into her skirt pocket and came out unscathed.
This went on for years. The game turned into serious case of shop lifting. But she loved the thrill it offered her. Now it had become a habit, without filching some stuff she never could walk out of any store.
Even if we have learnt that a single puff could lead us to smoking addiction or a single glass to alcoholism, yet we are so indulgent in nature. We allow our lower nature to rule us. Guard against such small things which can lead you to a big downfall.

Image Courtesy by pixabay