The Bat And The Owl

batOnce upon a time, the bat and the owl decided that they should enjoy the daytime, rather than hunt at night. They were sure, birds enjoyed the day better than the night.
They went to their bird doctor and insisted on having a medicine which will keep them awake during the day. They both took the sleepless pills. They could then stay awake during the daytime.
The bat decided to stand erect like the other birds but kept slipping back upside down. The other birds laughed at her. She could never stand straight. Then she felt hungry and wished to eat but couldn’t find any special kind of food she wanted.
In the similar fashion, the owl couldn’t see during the daytime. He had night vision goggles and no daytime glares. He wanted to hunt for little vermins but they weren’t around during daytime. Both these friends used advanced avionics but the amount of noise deafened them and their systems failed them.
Finally, they were frustrated beyond doubt. They gave up their insistence of staying awake during daytime. They returned back to their old ways.
The moral of the story is don’t try that which is far beyond your means. You are made for something unique so be an expert in your own strengths.

Image Courtesy by pixabay