The Birdy Tale!

This is a birdy tale!
The sparrows chirped on the trees. They all had one grouse against the crow. He would do no work but would just keep on cawing away. He was a big deterrent in their job. They worked as taily callers and the crows cawing would disturb their jobs.
One day they thought of putting an end to his constant meddling. They called the super bird Eagle and requested him to shoo him away. So the Eagle came all alone to talk to the crow.
Unfortunately the crow knew before hand from his key sparrow spies. He was ready with his retaliation. The moment the eagle came, he cawed so loudly that his gang of other crows descended and crowed and pecked the eagle and drove him away. The crows were victorious.
Then he was back to his old ways of interference. The sparrows just let him be after that. They realized that there is no use shooing him away. The policy of chirp and let crow worked well.
The political scene anywhere is just like the birds conference, n’est ce pas?