The Blind Man And The Beauty!

The mother loves the child even if he is an autistic. The child doesn’t know that he is! The mother doesn’t care for your opinion. She wants her child to be treated like any other normal child. Whereas the school believes the child needs to be put in the class which he can cope up with. The mother is angry for school not giving equal opportunity to that child. There is no way in which anyone can explain to her that she has to accept it and its a very difficult task for all.
Those who go to her house and when they see the antics of that kid and the mother going gaga over it, the guest is forced to smile along with her. The guest is appalled and like a good hypocrite he admires the woman for her love for that child. Later he talks behind her back about the child in a derogatory manner and respectful manner about the mother. This is how the world and the mother looks at the same object. Now it is for you to decide who is right or wrong.
You will now agree that both are right in their own place and yet neither of them will budge from their stance. But when they are together the guest is always going to be a hypocrite.
This is exactly how every religion is. The ones who are the believers think that theirs is the perfect one and the others think not. When they are together in a society, everyone becomes a hypocrite.
God looks at all this and smiles at the idiocy of everyone. He says that He canmother be with anyone in the way they visualize Him but the others cannot understand. Similarly, the other religious person believes in another god so the benevolent God satisfies this bigot too.
There are two God and god. The capital God is the Supreme Divine Consciousness and the smaller god is the projection of the God for the individual satisfaction. It’s just like going to pay taxes, you don’t go to the finance minister to pay but submit his payment he will go to local office. The local office is a representative of the Central government but not the center by itself.
God is the Central government and the local village administration is the representative of that. Every state laws are in local language for understanding of the locals but they cannot be same in another state. The other state will only know their own lingo.
So God is One and people are many. So to satisfy these many, He takes various forms. Suitable for their own taste and needs.
And everyone is right in their own place. They are all biased from their own perspective. So the tolerant ones let it be. You do not point out their mistakes but smile at it and let it be!