The Cat And The Fish

Cat and the FishThe story of cat and the fish in the fish bowl is well known. The cat always tries to get to the fish in the fish bowl. So every time the Master brought a new fish and put it in the fish bowl, the cat would pounce on it and gulp down the fish.
One day the Master brought some new fishes and put them in the fish bowl as usual. The cat sneakily took time out and put her paw inside the fish bowl to grab the new fish.
Suddenly her paw was feeling tingling pain. These were some other fishes inside. They were biting her paw off. She never went near the fish bowl again. The Master had brought piranhas!
Sometimes we take life too easy and eat out of Gods hands. Then we refuse to do anything at all just like the cat. He sees you are just wasting your life away.
One day he puts in dangerous obstacles in your way to change your mindset. So don’t take life too easily, someday the piranhas will bite you off.

Image Courtesy by pixabay