The Cat, The Mouse And The Dog!

The cat kills the rat and the dog chases the cat. There are few people in this world you cannot get along at all. How does that work?
The story of Tom and Jerry is famous and is a legend in the cat and mouse world. So once a mouse decided that he needs to change the story. He researched the cat on the Google and Wikipedia and came to know that cats are fond of milk and fish.
He thought that if he were to give the cat these foodstuffs, the cat would become his great pal. He secured the fish from the fish stall and robbed a packet of milk and went to give it to the cat.
The cat saw the mouse set these stuff in front of her. She let him give her that and once the mouse turned to go. She started to chase him. Finally she caught him, played with him for a long time and then killed him.
Then she relished her other meal which the dead mouse has brought for her.
She knew the fun was in the chase and teasing the mouse and not in eating fish or drinking milk from the bowl, otherwise set by her master.
Little do we humans understand this in nature.
Now you will understand why the boss behaves like that or the lower level employee. Why some bosses bark at you and some play a cat and mouse game.
It’s in their nature. So if you are a mouse, don’t try to be overly friendly with the cat. And if you are a cat, know that the dog will chase you.
Human nature is the same as animal nature. Learn from it.

Image Courtesy by pixabay