The Closed Door!

The closed door of the place of worship sends you back. You are disappointed and feel that maybe God doesn’t want to see you that day. You are disappointed with life.
Our life is full of a number of disappointments since the time we were born. Starting from the toys that you wanted to the most desirable girl in school that you yearned for but never got! We have grown up being disillusioned and miserable for loosing out on things. There has always been compromises and the second best. The number one was never meant for us!
The woman or the man in your life was always a compromise. You wanted the ideal mate but what you got was the idle mate, not your idol, anyway! So what you aspired for was always beyond your reach. This disenchantment drove you towards acceptability and you heavily compromised in almost everything. Today, you have reached a stage in life when you have no ambition left. You believe nothing can make you smile.
Then what have you done. You have gone and thrust all your dreams and aspirations on your kids. You sent them to the best of schools. You planned for their life, giving them the impossible dreams. Fulfilling every silly desires of theirs. You saw yourself in them and drove your lusty ambitions piggyback on them. You made them what you wanted to be. Putting them in the classiest of the institutions, giving them best of food, clothing and shelter. You even bought them the first iPad and the top of the line cellphone. They own a better call plan than you. You still carry your old phone whereas you have given them a new phone every few years. Their bike is classier than your jalopy. Their food habits are Italian or Mexican whereas yours is purely home cooked meal.
Why did you do that? All because you didn’t get these luxuries in life so you thrust all your desires on them. But wait a minute! Did you even for a moment ask them what they actually needed?
You never for once thought that they are capable of deciding for themselves. You have forced them to become another you. You never had a mentor. You have forced your mentorship, fatherhood or motherhood on them. You have cloned yourself in them.
But let me tell you that you are still the same one that you were before you learnt through them. You were bound by destiny and so now you bound these youngsters too. You were never free to do anything so you ensured that they too can never get anything since you forced yourself on them.
Now is the time to set them free by becoming free yourself. Stop blaming destiny or yourself for your past. What was to be happened. Now you let it be. Feel free and be your good self. Soar above and see the whole world as a beautiful panorama. Stop putting others under your sway. Just let them be who they want to be.
You were born free and you put the shackles around your own feet. You put various restrictions on yourself. Today you can read if you wish to. Join classes or trek. Go on holidays or do social work. Romance yourself or get admitted to de-addiction centers. Go for salsa classes or drawing.
You allow yourself and let others be themselves. Give freedom and be free. Stand outside the place of worship and pray even if the door is closed. God will walk out to receive you. Be free, feel free and set free!