The Confused Man!

The key word in everyone’s life is confusion. We are confused with everything in this world. What comes first, the chicken or the egg? These questions create so much of confusion that we are unable to find answers. Now see the array of answers. The chicken came first, otherwise where would the egg come from. The egg came first, otherwise there would be no chicken. They both came together, but for the egg to become a chicken, you need another of opposite sex. Neither of them came first. My stomach came first and I was hungry so I wanted chicken and egg.
Now there is no way of identifying which is the right answer. Or if there is any answer at all. Our journey in life is just like that.
In a restaurant we order something and later we wonder why we did so? There were better choices in the menu. So also with our spouses. We wonder after just a few weeks or months in marriage, whether we did the right thing! So we hope we have better sense prevailing in other things. You order a Singapore Sling and repent it. You buy a new car and it has so many defects that you worry about everything. You wish you hadn’t traded in your old.
Subjects which interest you turn out to be the biggest bore and you want to go back to school and redo the topics over again. Your new employer has no charm, like the old one. He has no brains and you wish you had your old job. The same stuff you were so excited about becomes the biggest impediment in life. You used to have unmanageable hair earlier and you hated it so you went and cut it and now you are balding! So when were you happy?
Never in life are we permanently happy. We are always cribbing about one thing or another. First we reject that which we loved the most, then regret our new decision.
We crave for adventures in life but when life becomes an adventure, you want tranquility.
So if you look at yourself, you are sure to say “I am confused.” Reminds you of Salman’s dialog from Dabangg movie?
Anyway the way out is simple. Why not just let it be? Can we not accept what we have considered and executed is the right or perfect choice? You were destined to do that and you did it, why regret? Now if the other choice was to come to you it would have come but it didn’t! So can you not let it be? Sure, you can try once again and go after the other choice too. But then what is to be will be!
Acceptance to the choices that we make in life doesn’t come easily. So try accepting it.
It is destined so it will be. But we should work hard for betterment and continue to do so.
Your movement towards utopia and perfection is an ongoing journey but the stations in between are a necessity so be gracious and accept them as they come along. But always proceed on your journey. Never stop or give up!