The Cracks Of Age!

The cracks of age showed. The front porch had crumbled due to the rains and there was absolutely no way in which they could enter the house without stumbling. So the old parents called up their son who stayed abroad. They were afraid that when he comes for Christmas in the next few months, he may get very angry for not informing. Which is what he exactly did! He shouted and yelled at them as to how he had told them to repair the porch years ago but they didn’t do. So, now he would send them some funds after ascertaining the damage. He said that they always spent money on useless stuff and never cared for how the money comes!
They knew his temper and so they avoided telling him most of the things that went wrong.
Even though the mother had a mild concussion when she fell in the bathroom a few months ago, they kept it away from their son. If they were to inform him, he would have created a furore. There would be expenses and the doctors bills would tax him further. He had just constructed his new house in the place of his residence. Any kind of extra expense would create a big disturbance in his budgeting. Staying far away they considered it an advantage since he wouldn’t get to actually see how they scrimped and saved. They had learnt to live within the expenses he had sanctioned them.
He owned a house which was given out on rent and a few dollars that came as rental he had asked them to sustain themselves within that. But it was hard. With rising prices and rates of basic amenities, it was extremely tough to make ends meet. He was under the impression that he gave them sufficient enough to sustain themselves. But, boy, was he aware? He was too engrossed in his own world to understand the nitty gritty of life. They just let it be. They never bothered to tell him most of the part that they would have otherwise handled if the father was working. But how to burden the son? So they hushed up every little thing.
They could never speak and he would never understand. The gaps were too many and no one would fill them up.
Such is life with almost everyone. We all end up hiding a lot of stuff all because we do not want to trouble someone dear. Do you agree?

Image Courtesy by pixabay