The Cuckoo And The Crow!

CuckooThe story of the cuckoo and the crow! Everyday the koel(cuckoo) would sing and the whole world would praise her. The crows would caw and the people would get irritated. They would shoo him away.
The praises showered on the cuckoo made her very proud of her abilities. She started to coo too much everywhere. The crow felt very dejected at the treatment meted out to him.
Then, one day the elder in the house died. The people were in mourning. They were very sad. The cuckoo as usual came and started to sing on the tree. The people got very angry. They didn’t want to hear good music. They were in mourning. They took a stick and threw at the cuckoo. The cuckoo was aghast at their behavior. She shifted to the neighboring yard.
Meanwhile the crow came and sat on the tree. He started to caw as usual. The people were delighted. They called out to the cook and asked him to offer food to the crow. The crow was surprised. He had never got such a grand reception ever. He ate the food and continued to do so and the people around were full of joy.
The koel saw this change of heart and wondered how come today the scene has changed?
It is said the crow takes the food to the dead people so he was welcomed by the people that day!
Human beings are like this. We always want praises but never brickbats. We love being the center of attention but the day we are shown the door we don’t like it.
Maintain equanimity of mind always.

Image Courtesy by pixabay