The Devious Mind!

The devious mind is the pathway out of Eden!
She had just lost her husband.
Without a job or money in the bank, she felt naked and deprived by destiny.
Her two kids needed the best of education and she was willing to do anything that would get them back their confidence in her.
She searched through her husbands friends list on Facebook and decided to approach them for a job which would sustain her.
The first one she approached told her that her husband owed him money and that he couldn’t afford to give more in charity.
She wasn’t asking for charity but he had his own ideas. She was asking for a job, not charity!
The next one didn’t even want to meet her. He avoided picking up her calls and finally when he gave her the appointment, his wife told her that they couldn’t help her.
She knew, the wife looked at her suspiciously since she could loose her husband to this widow so she cut her chances.
The next one told her that she could join from Monday. He told her to continue their interview in the bedroom. He told her that she was welcome to join him as long as she was willing to sleep with him.
Couldn’t he feel anything at all for his dead friend whose wife he was angling for? He had no sympathy for his friend or his wife. He turned out to be a fiend and not a friend at all. She knew the whole world saw her as a ready sexual target!
Destiny was kind to her. She found a job in a large organization on her own merit. She restarted her life with dignity.
Never show your weakness to anyone, not even to the best of friends. Trust no one except God! The world is not the way it seems. It’s twisted and ugly. It’s ruled by the devil mind. The snake on the tree of Eden. Eating the fruit from that tree can cause you to let go of paradise. Do not succumb to the weak and flimsy mind. Shun temptation. Be on the path of righteousness.

devious mind