The Devoted King

The story of the devoted king and his Guru.

Why does the Guru do what He does? Can anyone be sure why or wherefore He does it? No one can fathom the reasons for what He does. Then why does the petty mind of humans come in the way? I shall tell you one story here.

Once upon a time there was a king. He had a Guru who was the highest amongst the sages. He believed in the Guru and everyone felt that the king was mad enough to throw his wealth away on Him. The king revered the Guru so much so that every time he met his Guru, he spent a fortune on gifts and celebrations. One day a pious person came to meet the Guru. At the same time the king happened to visit the Sage. The Guru immediately told the king to appoint this unknown god loving person as his prime minister.
The king did not hesitate and instantly gave the command appointing the pious person as his kingdoms prime minister. What the king didn’t know was that this person suffered from leprosy. Though he was cured but he had lost some fingers.
Everyone was aghast at the kings wisdom. They were appalled at his blind belief in the Guru. Just with the Gurus word, the king had appointed an unknown, uneducated and a leper as the prime minister.
One day the Guru deliberately cut the kings hand while the king was bowing down and seeking blessings by touching His feet. The king didn’t utter a word but thanked the Guru instead. The cut was not deep so the king didn’t seek any bandage or help in tying that wound. The entire king’s council was aghast at the callousness of the king’s Guru. The king and the prime minister believed that their Guru’s blessings are there on them. They believed whatever their Guru does for them, it is for their own good.
One day the king and his courtiers went hunting. Unfortunately, it started pouring and everyone went seeking shelter from rain. The king and his prime minister were together but were lost in the jungle. They roamed around here and there but were completely drenched.
At last they found an old quarry and a cave. They went inside since it was dark and fell asleep on the dry platform there.
When daylight came back they found themselves surrounded by tribals. These were very deadly tribals who sacrificed humans at their tribal goddesses altar.
They were both very afraid. They prayed to their Guru, under whose grace they were. They were sure their Guru would save them from any danger. After feeding them properly the tribals prepared them for the grand sacrifice. First they took the leper prime minister. The moment they took his hands to be tied up they saw the missing fingers. They immediately knew that they couldn’t offer a defective human as a sacrifice. They then brought the king out. They checked him out for similar defects. The prime minster understood their issue and showed them the king’s cut finger. The tribals couldn’t offer such contaminated people as sacrifice. So they let both of them go.
The two returned back to their kingdom and lived to rule the kingdom very judiciously for many years.
Growing in wisdom and wealth, the king spread his kingdom far and wide. Conquering newer lands under the able guidance of his prime minister.
Only the devout know why the Guru does what he does and he never interferes in the Guru’s commands and obey it diligently. Those who truly believe in their Guru’s have no qualms of being a humble supplicant to Him. They know for sure their Guru knows what is best for them.

Image Courtesy by pixabay