The Dung Beetle.

The dung beetle lives and loves the dung, the pig lives in the pen and loves the dirt, the snake lives in his hole and hissed and eats vermin. Now tell me why you want to change any of these creatures? Do you think these creatures can be happy eating beautiful food or living in high rise apartments?
So if you see some idiots in your life live like pigs, dung beetle, cows, snakes or donkeys, why do you want them to change? They love their way of life. Stop trying to change the world.
Change yourself first. The glasses are on your eyes so you see the world colored. So remove the glasses first. Change yourself and the whole perspective about the world will change too.
Let the pigs roll in muck, dung beetle gather dung and snake slither and hiss.
You bother about yourself. Don’t become another one of their kind. Be your good self.

Image Courtesy by pixabay