The Ego And Gutter Ego

Now we get to see both kinds of ego in everyone’s life. The upmarket ego and its downmarket sibling the gutter ego.
The first kind is known to all. The high and mighty. The unbendable kind. The one we always associate with hot air. This ego is the perfect foil for high flyers. They all flock together. They form committees and associations to save the world and downtrodden. They love to win awards. Gather lots of media around them and create a new tool for collection of funds for their grandiose venture. You would love to bring them down from their high horse, isn’t it?
Now for the other one. The godown or gutter ego.
They see themselves as the victim always. They are always putdownable. Crushed and defeated. Deflated. Cursing their existence and always getting beaten up and mauled. You can see them in every household and work place. We always call them the poor thing. They always address themselves as being beaten and bruised. I am always at the receiving end, you hear.
Now we never consider them as egoistic but look at them and you can see the lurking demon of martyrdom. They can make you cringe with horror stories about their fate.
Rising above both these demons are those who can practice equanimity of mind.
Never getting swayed by both the upside or downside of life. Always willing to do anything without qualms. Willing to lift the biggest mountain of jobs and never expecting praises or brickbats.
You would love to evolve to this status, right?
Go ahead and try. But before that deep freeze your mind. That’s the root cause of your ego!

Image Courtesy by pixabay