The Empty Room

The room was empty and the half drunk tea cup was lying on the table and the fan was whirring above.
It was a very hot afternoon and there was no one in the room. She seemed to have left in a hurry. He surveyed the room and found his laptop from the table missing. His cellphone wasn’t anywhere to be seen. She had taken both these items and disappeared.
He had left just an hour ago with her sleeping on the bed. But now there was no one around. The door was lying ajar and things missing. The only telltale sign was the teacup and the fan. The tea was still warm which suggested she had decamped just then.
He remembered picking her up from outside the main road. She seemed lost and looked forlorn. He had brought her home and taken care of her for two days. Now he had no idea who she was and where she came from. His valuables too had disappeared. Later he found out that his bank account was empty too.
She used to dupe such innocent looking idiots for a long time. This was an easy catch. He fell for her looks immediately.
He even gave her his phone in case she had to call up someone. Men can be idiots. She had stayed there two days and got the password of his laptop, gmail account and his bank account too. Then it was easy. The phone had all the details, including the passwords!!!
In the age of Kali is there anyone you can trust? Including the daughters of Kali? Or the sophisticated tools and methods she uses?

Image Courtesy by pixabay