The Eureka Moments!

The Eureka Moment is that special moment in time when you get inspired to become someone different. The change happens then.
The word Eureka is attributed to Archimedes when he realized how the king was cheated by the goldsmith. He was taking a bath in the bathtub and when he entered it, he realized the displacement of water by his entering. The rest is history, as they say!
Abdul Kalam, the erstwhile President of India, got his eureka moment when he stood in front of the aircraft in the central square. He then knew what he wanted to do.
Ramakrishna Paramahamsa looked above and saw swans flying in a line and swooned in the middle of the field and then got His revelation.
Siddhartha got it under the Bodhi tree and became Buddha.
My Eureka moment happened at the hospital window. I looked outside the huge windows towards the tree filled parking lot and saw the entire universe come down with all possible answers. I then knew!
Do you have your own Eureka moments in your life? Write it to us and tell us how and when it happened.