The Fairy Tale

The fairy tale ending always appeals to our child like mind. The truth could never be told, you say! There are many times in life when you have to tell lies for a greater purpose. But there are times when you have to be brutally honest with your answers. That time you should know that you are talking to an adult, whereas otherwise you are speaking to a innocent child or an ignorant human!
Like the time your kid asks you when is the tooth fairy coming? Or the time when she is expecting gifts from Santa Claus. Do you think you can tell her then that there is no Santa, no Harry Potter, Bugs Bunny, Superman, Spider-Man or some such mythical creature? Do you want to break her heart by telling her these are only unreal things? No! At such times even you have to tell her simple untruths.
Just imagine telling her that all these are stories and there is no real such person. You may just destroy her spirit or belief in beautiful things. Her faith will be shattered and she may be a born sceptic from that day onwards. The beauty from her world would vanish and she may become the most skeptical and a person filled with doubts.
So expansion of the mind happens with such type of beautiful untruths. Like the stork story, Santa story, tooth fairy story, etc., which have the capacity to make you dream and visualize far beyond your own horizons.
I am sure the people who thought of the Big Bang theory were great story tellers, who not only thought it out, visualized, then logically proved it, using science and other tools like the orbiting telescopes, etc.. So all that arose from the power of imagination.
I am sure even Enid Blyton, Hans Christian Anderson or the Grimm brothers were creative and imaginative only because they were fed with such imaginative stuff.
Now the hardcore stuff or political things we read in our newspapers or watch in the Telly are more destructive and regressive in nature since these are harsh realities as per the material world. These create images which are not lovable or likable. We call them realities whereas all the above stuff was imaginative.
The power of imagination created the beautiful cellphone or the motorcar. The power of imagination sent the man in outer space and the satellite beyond the fringes of our universe. It created science, theories, discoveries, inventions, maths equations, economics and so many other subjects. Today we denounce these same fairy tales, saying that they create wrong ideas in the minds of young ones.
We call the ancient scriptures as myth and stories of gods and angels as fake. In a world where you cannot tell the truth to your young one, then why do you want to throw these wonderful mind opening stories out? Let these stories be. Do not try to drill reason into your child who lives in his imaginary world.
You give these same young people violent video games or toys of destruction but do not allow them fairy stories? How silly you can be. Let the child have a vibrant imagination with all these mythical and imaginative creatures. Let their minds expand. So do not destroy the means like these wonderful fairy tales.

Image courtesy by  pixabay