The Flight Was Late!

The flight was coming late. So, to while his time he was roaming around the arrival terminal.
His eyes fell on the advertisements of watches and wished so much for a watch like that. It spoke of the handcrafted dial with a mother of pearl finish. The film star looked so good and handsome wearing it. He thought how beautiful their life was.
The flight landed and he rushed towards the gates. She must be in the emigration now, he thought. He waited with bated breath. He was meeting her after nearly a month. The heart was palpitating with excitement.
Suddenly there was a rush of photographers at the arrival gate. The film star who advertised the watch was surrounded by the media. He went near to see what was happening. The star was trying to avoid the people. His face was covered by a cap and goggles. He was trying his level best to stay away from these news hounds.
He heard some words then.
-I have no comments. My wife and I have separated and are trying to work out our marriage. Please give us some space.
Our children’s happiness is our concern so help us work that out. Please don’t hound me for statements. Thanks!
The watch was just a sham then, our story hero thought. It only glamorizes the stars but they can never know the difference between true pearl or mother of pearl.
Suddenly, he felt his girlfriend tug his shirt. She was saying something.
“Did you know whom I was sitting next to?”
“It’s that young starlet because of whom the great film star was getting a divorce. Such idiots these people are. ”
“These two should have come by separate flights, right?”
He wondered, how much can a man pay for knowing time?

Image Courtesy by pixabay