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The Flute of Truth: Notes on Spirituality and Life (Ebook – ₹282.49)

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Bibliographic information:

Title: The Flute of Truth: Notes on Spirituality and Life

Author: KrsnaKnows

Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore, 2014

ISBN: 1482823489, 9781482823486

Length: 302 pages

Subjects: Body, Mind & Spirit › Supernatural

Description of the Book:

Who are you? What are you here for? What is the reason for your birth? What is the meaning of life? Can you always be happy? What is your true calling? Why is there suffering in this world? Science can disprove all the mythological stories, so why should anyone believe in those stories? What is the real meaning of these myths? Is there a God? All these questions have dogged every human being from time immemorial. This book gives you answers to these questions which have troubled you. This book can start you off on your journey in spiritual. Walk with me to know the deepest secrets about life. Come, journey forth! Let’s explore the worlds beyond the material realm. There is truth and grandeur far beyond human imagination. There are secrets beyond your five bodies. Beyond this ‘Manifest’ domain is the ‘Unmanifest’, where there is pure love and only devotion. You can only reach there by the four truths – full faith in your Master, complete surrender at His feet, pure, unconditional love and absolute devotion. Words alone can never make you get there so remember to follow the path laid out. After a journey full of wonderment, you will arrive at a place where you have to leave everything and just follow the instructions of the Master. To know it, you have to experience the truth first hand. Then alone your knowledge will be perfect.