The Goat And The Tiger Cub!

The Goat And The Tiger Cub!The goat and the tiger cub.
The baby she found was so cuddly and beautiful, unlike her kind. She took it with her to her little cave. Everyday she would feed her from her udder. The wild mountain goat was extremely happy for adopting this beautiful new creature.
Many days passed and this beautiful creature turned up into a big mountain animal. The goat didn’t show any anxiety at this humungous creature. Instead she brought and fed this animal whatever she could gather.
One day when the goat was returning home she saw this huge baby chase a rabbit to the rabbit hole. She reprimanded her big baby.
Next day she spied her baby making a feast out of that rabbit. She was very scared. Now she knew the baby that she thought she had adopted had the characteristics of its parent. A dangerous animal.
Of course the end is what you don’t want to hear. The dangerous animal was a tiger cub which finally ate his own so-called mother and went away.
The moral of the story is know the people around you are animals in human garb. They show their nature sooner than you think. Don’t try to mother dangerous kinds. They will one day bite you off! Their bloodline talks! Beware!

Image Courtesy pixabay