The Highest Devotee And The Mediocre One!

What is the difference between the highest devotee of Krsna and the mediocre one?
The devotees of Krsna are having single pointed devotion for The Lord but their approach differs. The regular devotee asks The Lord for granting him some wishes after which he will make an offering to The Lord! So he says that I shall put a garland for Rs.100 if I get Rs.1000. So he cuts a deal with The Lord. It’s a transaction. I shall give 10% of my earnings if you give me 100% of what I ask for. It’s business!
The Lord thinks this guy does the same with every other God then what’s the use? He can be sent to one of His down lines. Why should he come to Krsna?
Now we come to the real true blue devotee of The Lord. He says I shall ask The Lord what He wants and do what He ordains for me! He asks, “Please command me Lord and I shall be your best tool. ”
Those who tell God that they will offer after they have got whatever they want are the mediocre kind of devotees. The highest kind is the one who is always ready whenever Krsna asks him to do something.
Sudarshan chakra felt mighty proud for being the source of destruction for Lord Krsna. One day when Narada praised Krsna, Sudarshan got angry. Then Krsna told him that he can test his powers against Krsna’s own when Sudarshan would be born with a thousand arms. Sudarshan was born as Kritavirya Arjun. Krsna took birth as Parshuram and defeated him in the battle. Thereby proving to Sudarshan that Krsna is mightier than any weapon.
I told you this story to show you that to be the best tool in the hands of God is the ultimate devotion. But never to have the ego. Otherwise your case would be like Sudarshan’s!
When Krsna makes you His tool and you do what He ordains you to do then you are doing your swadharma! Otherwise you have your big ego in place. The Lord wonders,”who does he think he is to say that he will offer me a paltry stuff after taking it from me?” “After all, isn’t this silly man taking my stuff and offering it back to me? ”
So aspire to be the highest devotee of The Lord by doing what He wants you to do and not what you want to do for Him!