The Life Of Pious Person

The pious are only immersed in God all day long. They may or may not get involved in their day to day mundane life. Some may take up charity or service to mankind and there may be others who may sit at one place without moving or doing any so called constructive job. I am often asked what work do I do and when I answer that I am a spiritualist, they ask me if I teach yoga and meditation? So for all those who have a narrow view point about spirituality, here is my answer. I teach others to know thyself, know their true calling, know that Supreme Divine Person and to teach about the true meaning of scriptures. This is not a paid for job and I don’t ask to be remunerated too. I accept anything that is offered to me with love and devotion only. I am a normal human being as you are so I wear simple clothes and live as much a normal human existence as you. I do not go out to beg for food since that is done by monks. I do what I do because my Divine Master has instructed me to do the above. I live the life of a spiritualist!

Image Courtesy by pixabay