The Marketing Of The Guru

Do we need to do the marketing of the Guru or the Master?
Let me begin somewhere else then lead you back!
If you put the egg in your fridge under a hen, will it hatch? If you sow the grains from last years harvest, will it give me a good yield? If I pick tea leaves every single year without a break, will my tea taste better?
The answer to all of the above is a resounding NO! Why? The egg in your fridge is not a fertilized egg, which can give you a chicken. It’s just like a production lineup egg, made by hens who are fed stuff that makes them give eggs. There are no cocks in that coop!
In the same way, grains that you eat are not capable of giving a yield. You have to go and buy fresh seeds every single year to grow the plants. These are made by companies which purely manufacture seeds for sowing.
The tea is plucked every few years and then the tea estate is allowed to go fallow so that you get better yield and the new tea tastes much like the good tasting tea.
In all the above examples you will realize the need for having special methodology for getting better next generation is needed. On one side you may say the great seed giving companies are making a pile. But look at it this way, these companies have put in a lot of efforts to create a newer and a better generation of crop. I don’t have much to say about their method of working. It’s in the end dog eat dog world.
Does the same thing apply in our own life as well? Yes! It does.
Have you noticed the number of cases of autistic children being born nowadays or those with genetic or other defects? It was mentioned that if you were to marry within the family, the next generation will turn out to be with some major defects. Genetic studies also showed us that the diseases are carried forward by incestous relationships, close relatives relationships, etc.. People were encouraged to marry outside their own castes or religion. The scientists said the children born out of cross breeding are better stocks. They have lesser susceptibility to serious diseases or they turn out to be more hardy.
Now I wouldn’t know how that happens. But I have a different belief system. I always think it has everything to do with our karma. Our karma decides what womb we are going to get. Karma says that every action has equal and opposite reaction. What you give is what you get and what you sow is what you reap.
If we were to follow the karma tract then those who have some past karmic debt to fulfill they alone will come back to the same people to repay. Maybe the mother of the autistic child has to repay the debt owed to the child from past life. In this life, he is autistic and she takes care whereas in the previous life, she might have been autistic and he might have taken care of. Only God can tell us how it equals out! We can only speculate about it.
The disbelievers will say, it has nothing to do with some God or karma. They will argue that it happens to be genetic in nature.
I have nothing against anyone. You can take it or leave it. I find my solution in my karma and you can find yours in science.
I can only try to convince the believers of karma that powerful forces work towards karma fulfillment. So ensure that your karma is not worth a big ego trip. Come down from the high horse and treat all well. But you can never avoid karma in that way. You still will have to go through it. So is there a way out?
Yes! There is. Go back to the roots. Go back to old methods. Get grains from natural farmers and replant them using traditional methods. Get a country chicken who lays a fertilized egg and then you can have your chicken as well as the egg. For tea you should let the soil get back it’s natural shine and wait for the better crop.
In life too, let’s go back to natural methods of bride/groom selection. Don’t marry within the family. Check out the family history and antecedents just like old times.
We should follow the righteous path. Decrease our karma with the help of the Masters and learn the path of liberation. Why to learn the path of liberation? Just know that we have this dictum- what has to go wrong will go wrong anyway. So there are no foolproof methods of getting a better genetic class of people. Due to the vagaries of our yuga, we have to face the wrath of nature. We have abused it and as the law of karma says, nature too will have its say!!!
Get liberated and overcome that cycle of rebirths. Know thyself. Just like the seed companies, chicken multinationals and tea companies strategies, I too would like to market the Master. So meet the Masters of liberation and get enrolled in the course on liberation!

Marketing Guru
Marketing Guru

Image Courtesy by Work with Davidwood