The Maths Of Giving

The maths of giving.
When you give ten, you will get hundred. So the ratio is one is to ten. Now you sow ten kilo of grains, you reap hundred kilos. You offer ten percent to God, which is ten kilos, you get hundred. But next time you offer 15, you get 150. You offer 20 and get 200. Likewise, God sees that your offering is going up so He gives you more discount. So now the ratio is one is to hundred. So if you have offered 20, then you will get 2000.
Now how much of the giving attitude you exhibit, will fetch you greater the benefits. When God sees your giving nature then He thinks that you are suitable candidate for a greater reach or cause. So He makes you in charge of the granary itself. You give others as well.
Now if you are unable to understand then I will tell you that since Bill Gates was handling a big portfolio of charity, Warren Buffett believed Bill Gates can handle still bigger portfolio too. So he gave his billions to Bill to include it in his philanthropic works. Got that?
You show your giving nature, God will make you the chief giver. This is exactly how companies work. When the bosses observe your keenness in doing your job and your leadership skills, they offer you a bigger role.
So you too can grow in spiritual or in the eyes of God by becoming BIG HEARTED!


Image Courtesy by     pixabay