The Never Say Die Human Spirit!

The ‘never say die’ human spirit has tremendous resilience and potential than you can ever imagine! That which drives you to the edge of unreason also drives you to arrive at a newer capability and understanding your true potential. Let’s say something’s that make you contemplate ending your own life will help you decide the essential purpose of your birth.
Till you do not think of the extremes you haven’t known your true potential. This also means that till the tiger is not by the tail, you will not know how fast you can run.
Necessity is the mother of invention, they say! True to the adage, a woman can never know that she can be a bread winner or the main support system till her husband dies or has a bad marriage. Taking care of the entire family, she not only provides her children education but makes them into outstanding citizens too.
Even the case of men who have never entered the kitchen, they too learn the culinary art driven by circumstances. Destiny forces a man to change tracts and become adaptable to newer circumstances. The resilient beings that we are, adaptability and acceptance dawns on us the moment we are at a disadvantage. Like it’s said, a child will learn to swim if it’s thrown in water.
Destiny is the main driver for change. A bad marriage leaves a person devastated but eggs that person to look for change of circumstances. Human being always tend to arrive at comfort levels from discomfort.
Finding solutions in the worst case scenario is the method of moving towards resolving tougher life issues.
Take the case of Dame Anita Roddick. The founder of the world renowned Body Shop. She was forced to use old bottles to fill in her products and that was the start of using that which is available and not throwing it away. Just like we use the leftovers in our kitchens, she used the only dirty green color available in her garage to cover the moldy walls of her shop. That later on became the color of her stores which number more that two thousand. Her husband being away made her look at taking care of her family and help her decide on the course of life.
You too have that potential in you but will never understand it till you are driven by circumstances to find that out. So it’s important in life to change and allow change to help us improve our stock.
It’s also called adaptability and evolution. We evolve into better human being only when life brings us to a crossroad.
We have tremendous potentials in each and everyone of us. Sometimes it gets recognized and at others times it dies down into silly and stupid reasoning and self pity. Rise above the mundane and force that creative spirit out of you to achieve higher regions of success.