The Nocturnal World

The nocturnal world is a strange one! There is a different world out there which we just accept it but hardly know much about. It’s a world of the ones who work at night or before we welcome the sunrise.
The world of newspaper vendors, the guards or watchmen, the flower women, the milk men, the trash collectors, the prostitutes and pimps, the aircraft services personnel, the sorters at courier companies, the loaders, the hotel industry and the list is endless.
We take these supporting group so much for granted that we are never made knowledgeable about their activities or whereabouts. The milk gets delivered and so does your morning newspaper but we have very little clue about how it is done.
These folks sleep at different hours than us. They work hard at it. The morning rush at docks and places where the catch comes to the shore is a chaotic scene. Loading, unloading, segregation, bargaining, deals, exchange of currency and loading on to the trailers or trucks for delivery is a typical set that happens way before dawn. Just imagine the number of people involved in it. All this is done so that you get to examine and select the freshest of the lot right at the sunrise. So that your afternoon meal happens in time.
Just like this nocturnal world works behind the scene so does this beautiful world of God works. Sleep is a very important part of our life. We sleep anywhere between 8/10 hours a day. Some sleep less and some more. But what happens during our sleeping hours?
There is a very dynamic and different world out there which works nonstop. The tissues and blood, the repair and throwing out, the correction and assimilation of right knowledge and many other functions happen during our sleep.
The moment we hit the sack, this nascent world wakes up. It starts segregating cells which are worn out and sending them to the factory where they can be shredded down. The factory works through a speedy delivery system. The new cells are meanwhile getting produced. In the brain too the cells are getting replaced by fresher ones. So just like these body parts the neuron centres too are very active. Just like the aircraft goes to the hangers for the night or even their parking bays and the maintenance crew works removing and replacing defective and run down parts so also our body. It’s a huge maintenance hanger.
When we wake up know that it’s a new you. Your parts have been replaced and replenishment has been done. You are the brand new you.
The crap that you had collected is flushed out and replaced by the new one. Also your memories are put in right places. The system inside has segregated, sorted, stored and itemized them. Just like the defrag tool our body has defragmented and created right compartments. So the previous days nightmarish stuff won’t trouble you.
Surely, we have to be thankful to God for making this beautiful world inside and outside of us work wonderfully. Had it not been for all these support functions our waking world would be in complete chaos.
So let’s thank God for giving us this wonderful day and life. We truly appreciate the world which is unseen and just out there. Thank you Lord!

Image Courtesy by pixabay