The Organ Of Taste

TasteThe organ of taste and the organ of speech lie close to each other. The human vocabulary cannot contain words sufficient enough to describe objects we experience in life with our senses.
We go to such wonderful restaurants, eating joints or places where our taste buds are tingled beyond belief. Many a times we pay through our nose to eat such wonderful stuff. Just take the case of berries alone. How many can you count? There are too many and too close to taste also but there are subtle differences that make these what they are.
Take the case of cheese, wine or even a tea tester and you will be amazed at the differences they can make out between every sip or dip. Now it’s the heightened sense of taste you will say. These people have a knack which pays them well. You and I cannot make out much difference, maybe because we are not the tasters.
It’s said the taste comes from water. We may wonder how does it happen? I never had anything dipped in water but if you observe the taste buds are ready to roll when your mouth has wetted the stuff you eat enough by saliva.
But wonder of wonders, the taste lasts only for a fraction of time. Till we gulp down the thing that we are admiring or enjoying.
You will say oh wow! The same stuff we enjoyed gets mixed with the most unusual stuff around. Imagine a Chinese meal with the best wine. The wine tastes heavenly and then it is falling down the same hatch where the dumplings, noodles or rice went. And then all of the above is getting churned along with the digestive juices! Ah! Now that sounds gross!
Just imagine how much we pay for just that swirl under our heavenly buccal cavity.
Even the food that we eat at home or otherwise, we just have it in our mouth for a fraction of a minute. So doesn’t it tell you something as to what you are saying? You are saying that I have stored that taste somewhere in my mind which I wish to taste again. Can I revive or get it back once again? Or can I store a newer taste now?
So the most important organ is the mind alone. Whether it’s the taste, sound, sight, smell or feel of anything that you need a once more or a newer experience, your mind plays the important role. The object remains on your tongue for such a short while but the filing of the particular taste is for a long time. This is just the mind which can tell you the how’s and whys of it all.
So if I were to dream of that object in sleep and experience the dream taste would I be satisfied? No! I need the experience with that particular organ again and again.
So there is one more parameter attached to it. The same organ that tastes wants to taste again and again. This endless loops of going back to subject over and over again comes up because of another ingredient called desire.
So desire to experience the same over and over again along with the mindful of past knowledge creates this intense urge to go back to the same restaurant or eating place again.
This is again the same stuff which applies to every other sense full of repeats. Be it places we want to see, smells we want to smell, tastes we want to taste and so on. The word “want” in the above sentences is the root called desire. These unsatiated desires are the ones that drives us back to the same place again and again
Isn’t it the same with sexual desire too? The need to do the same stuff again and again for the momentary high in the glans or groins is the root cause.
The satisfied organ and mind again needs a redo as soon as the first act is over. You want to experience the same experience again and again. So satisfaction is never going to be permanent.
You are at the threshold of satisfaction every time and then you become dissatisfied in an instant.
So do you see the fruitlessness of repeating the same action again and again? It’s sheer waste of time, energy and money. Repeating or enjoying a new act leads only to temporary redressal of our desires and wants. Then we are back to square one.
You can understand this fruitlessness of every action of yours when you become dispassionate in life. Dispassion is the first step on the path of spiritual.
Dispassion is realizing that there is nothing in this world that can give us permanent happiness. Everything is temporary and bound by time. Everything is worthless and can never show you the truth.
The search for permanent happiness starts then. This is the quest for knowing that one truth. What is it that can give me absolute and single unending stretch of happiness? I want that one alone. Always satisfied in myself, my mind and without desires at all. Completely fulfilled! I want to know that state!!!

Image Courtesy by pixabay