The Paradoxical Karma Conundrum!

The paradoxical karma conundrum! The world is wonderfully ignorant of this concept called karma and goes by different versions for their own convenience. Hardly a few will actually know or understand how karma works for the creation. So I will explain the concept of karma in as simple a way as I can.
Simply translated it means, karma is just like the third law of Newton. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So if I push the wall, the wall has to push me back. If I slap you, then I should be slapped back by you!
So in my life, I do so many karmas that need to be expended that I get inundated by them. How can I expend all in one life of mine? So I need a lot of lives and incarnations to do the same. If I give a thousand dollars to you and you don’t return it to me, then as per the law of karma, I need to get that back. If you are unable to pay me back in this life, then you have to give it back to me in some other life of ours. That translates as, we have to both come back again and again till we meet and complete the transaction. So in some life of ours we will end up with completing this transaction.
We should go about the simplest explanation first so that once the complicated stuff starts we are clear about our simple concepts.
Now there may be numerous questions that may arise in your mind. One of them is,”do we really have many lives?” Your religion may say that there is one alone so I am going to ask you something which you should answer me logically! Right?
Good! Now tell me something, if you took a million dollars from someone on loan, then isn’t it your duty to return that amount? Doesn’t it hold good for others who have taken from you? If you are the battered wife, wouldn’t you want to bash up your spouse or equalize the situation? You would definitely want to give back in equal or greater measure. If the terrorist come and harm your dear ones, wouldn’t you want justice done? And what if they are never found?
What would you say of a child molester or a rapist? Wouldn’t you want justice meted out?
Many such instances occur where the perpetrator is never found. At such times, what is your reaction? Even in the best interest, you wouldn’t want to turn the other cheek, if someone has slapped you on one! You truly deserve full returns. You expect the universe to do that. The environment and the enemies too. They too need their pound of flesh.
And that’s the universal law. So how can you nullify if it cannot be repaid in one life? So you do need multiple lives. Does that sound logical?
Then know for sure, karma is not one time issue. It needs to be settled in same quantity.
Karma is a never ending process and its redressal is important for equalization.