The Past Loops Back!

The past returns in a loop! She packed his playthings, the towels and every other stuff that he needed to play in the sand and water at the beach. They both packed into the car and headed to the beach.
She had called the child’s father there so that he could meet with his child and bond with him. He had never met the kid and didn’t know of his existence either.
She wished some day he would accept his flesh and blood. So they bundled off for the grand occasion.
While he arranged his stuff sitting on the sands, she undressed and got ready in her bikinis. She told her son to take care of the clothes and rest of her stuff while she went for the swim.
He ambled along the beach searching for his girlfriend. She had called him to meet her there. When he came to their favorite spot, he noticed a small boy sitting there along with her clothes and rummaging through the purse. He thought that the child was rifling through her things so he raised an alarm. He told the youngster to lay off and scram but he continued to hold on to it.
On the other hand the child thought that man was after his mothers things so he was trying to protect it. He saw the man trying to grab his mothers stuff so he fought back. How dare this man take his mothers belongings? He took a stone lying nearby and flung at that dreadful,uncouth, homeless like man. The man reacted violently and hit the child hard.
The mother was just then walking out of the water and saw him beat their child up.

Later they rushed the kid to emergency but the trauma and anguish, both mother and son went through remained. It took a very long time to overcome that.
The three lived happily after that life changing episode. Such is the modern story of the ever loving mother, the protective child and the possessive husband!
Does this remind you of some mythical story from the past?