The Perfect Information Highway!

The social revolution of the last few years has tired out the newer generation. Looking up towards what everyone is doing is like snooping up in their lives. How much more can you take was the question and now I am sure you have realized that not everyone needs to know or keep informed about your schedules and doings!
Just imagine what fun is it to know that someone’s dog was taken to the vet because he has loosies or some actress jumped from the roof! It’s news for those who have nothing else to do in their life. You may say- Get a life! Go out, do something, stop knowing gossip or gossiping!
In ancient times news spread by the village grapevine. The afternoon or evening village meet, then it was by courier pigeons, the postman, phones, newspapers and tabloids, radio, Internet, Facebook, twitter, blogs and what not! Today we do not need a deluge of useless data. You really don’t need to know who burped or farted! No doubt for those who have time to spare they can indulge in all of the above. But do you fall into that category?
There comes a time when the interface stabilizes and we will know what we got to know from some source but there is no need to know mundane stuff. There is too much chaff to be eliminated. So now it’s time you selected the stufinformationf that you need to know. You become judicious and accept only the essentials.
Even in spiritual, there is a load of data that a person gathers from different sources like myths, stories, texts, parents and grandparents, friends, relatives, news channels, holy places, pundits and priests, new age gurus and best sellers. Religion tells you the right from the wrong and the ways of reaching god.
All this is again a diarrhea of useless information which will never lead you anywhere close to the truth. It just points out to something. But a signboard is not the destination!
So when you need to know you ask the knower of truth. He removes all the useless junk that you have gathered during your search for the real info. He edits and trims your knowledge. Giving you the correct information and showing you how to get there.
So drop all the information deluge and get to the real thing. Stop running after useless gossip and worthless information. It won’t lead you anywhere. Take recourse to the Guru who is the knower of truth. Question Him and when you get satisfactory answers, know that you are now on that correct information highway. Bon voyage, mon ami!