The Power Of Rejection

The power of rejection drives a person either to cower down or to roar like a lion.
Those who wish to get bogged down by the idea of rejection feel defeated and remain losers throughout the life. They do not see anything worthwhile and tend to become recluses.
But there are those who feel that they have been given a short shrift and struggle to survive and shine out unscathed later in life.
The power of survival is innate and inborn in all human beings and animals too.
There are shows which depict the power of rising in the television every single day.
Rejection makes a person tougher to realities of life. Knowing the true value of what it means to have and never to feel let down.
The spirit for survival is embedded in us from the time the sperm rushes towards the egg and fertilizes it so when someone says that they have no will to live I feel terribly sad. They have survived terrible odds in the mother’s womb even before they were brought out of it and now if they say that they do not feel like living or facing the situation it is sad!
The power of survival is seen even in the holy books and myths.
Take the case of the Pandavas who could feel terribly let down by destiny but survived the biggest war of all times and came out victorious. Even Sri Krishna had to survive Kamsa and later Shishupal.
Sri Ram too had to fight His all powerful enemy to rescue His wife.
So stand up and fight every kind of disappointments and rejections.
Be strong and fight because it is the power within you that makes you who you are.The Survivor!
The strength of a woman rejected is like the Devi Ma who had to fight the terrible asuras after they had conquered the devlokas.
The man too should know the act of rejection has been put there as a hurdle to overcome in life so that they can become tougher and stronger.
So get up and fight all you who feel terribly let down and burned out.
Remember Shahid Kapoor saying in Jab We Met…We have reached rock bottom now and there is no further going down. The only way is to go UP and we will go UP!
Remember God helps only those that help themselves so stand up and fight!

Image Courtesy by pixabay