The Praisers And Fault Finders!

There are praisers and then there are fault finders! There are ayes and then there are naysayers too! So whom do you talk to or pander to? Or side with?
If you have ever gone for an exhibition you will see people who will come and praise the painter and then there are those who will come and criticize it too. Some come as believers and others as nonbelievers.
A wedding feast which has some of the finest food on earth will get lots of praises but there are those who come with an agenda of talking bad about it.
Why do we get affected by such people? We do get affected because when acid flows it is corrosive. But why not be cautious or take precautions? Wear good gloves and protect yourself!
Those who have gutter mouth will spew shit, slime and gunk only. Do you think they can exude honey and milk or vomit the bile? So why do you want to put your hand in it or get dirty?
Is there anyone on earth who doesn’t face brickbats and opposition? Even Jesus had His detractors who nailed Him to the cross! They could never find any goodness in Him. Buddha had His own too. Finally didn’t they poison Him to death? Krsna too has His Shishupal and Kamsa’s!
So don’t bother about such douchbags! Now for a moment think why do these idiots exist in our world? They do because we have to always improve and work harder and harder. We have to excel in what we are doing. There are always limits to our performances set by our mind but if we have to break that sound barrier we need such ugly, sarcastic and foolish people with us so that we can ride still higher.
You cannot become a Martin Luther King or a Mahatma Gandhi without those who went against them.
So keep your single pointed focus on your objective alone. Don’t forget your one pointed attention. These are distractions put in your path for firming up your own convictions that you can do it! Know your true path and don’t sway by these flirtatious devils on the way.
Who says you cannot listen to them? You have ears to listen, eyes to see and other sensory organs which are free to air so they will do their jobs but what you wish to take from all this plethora of information is only your prerogative and decision. Throw all that gunk which pulls you down and accept only that which can make you progress. It’s our fulfillment and progress that is critical and important so let’s focus on that alone.
Let barking dogs bark and tail wagging dogs do their jobs. Let’s not bark back at the barkers and wag back at waggers! You are not a dog! The villains are always called kutta, kamina by the hero or heroine! Got that! Be a hero or a heroine!

Image Courtesy by pixabay