purple Tomato

The Purple Tomato

purple TomatoHave you seen the purple tomato? If the world were to change to colors which are unacceptable to mans taste, then there would be chaos and wonderment too. The red apple turning purple or potatoes turning out white. Milk coming from cows turning black or red color donkeys. Surely, you would believe that nature has gone berserk.
We are so much bothered about conformity that anything out of the normal creates waves. Watching someone with blue hair color was equally intriguing. When the orchids were dipped in a blue dye and they showed up a few years ago, all were surprised. Today, we have genetically modified purple tomatoes with the sauce turning purple and the belief that it is more appetizing. Imagine the sun turning some other color or the moon having a red color. Seems a little difficult for us to imagine.
We are so much used to our cocooned life that we do not want to come out of our comfort zone to experience various hues of life. We want security and comfort. We do not want to venture out, take bold steps, initiate actions which do not fall under our normal working conditions. We just would like to laze, enjoy and experience the comforts of our home. Everyone wants a steady income, wife or husbands who are loving and caring, children who score cent percent marks in every aspect of life, schools which make these kids a very good human being, colleges which take them to heights of glory, sports which make money and jobs to die for.
Few want to make a name for themselves outside their conformed comfort zone.
Those who break out of this monotony in life are considered unnatural or shunned as aliens. Looked upon as parasites and considered dangerous to man. They are like the color purple or blue, they stand out.
Now look at people who stood out. Einstein with his fuzzy hair and peculiar habit, Gandhi with his bald pate and bare chest, Jesus with His radical views and nailed to cross, Buddha with his clean head and philosophy of desirelessness. Dictators with funny mustaches, old haggard politicians with young eye candies, philosophers with funny wit, Chaplin with His brand of humor, Woody Allen with his signature movie, Bruce Lee with his fighting talent, Beethoven with his music and many such men broke the color mold.
Women with equally intriguing talents like Meryl Streep, Florence Nightingale, Agatha Christie, Indira Gandhi, Angela Merkel, etc.. There are many CEO of companies who fit the bill also.
What have all these people done? Changed the course of life. Changed destinies of nations and paved the path towards a newer worlds. We have tasted that change and liked it too.
Sometimes the purple colored sauce may look completely different from the normal one but we have to try and give it a shot. It has wonderful taste and gives much more nutrients than before. Just like new improved stuff we buy at stores. Even in medicines we have newer and latest medicines coming up. They are more potent and can help us. So we have to adapt to change. Look forward to it.
The world is progressing fast. Ideas are changing, methods are changing so we too must move ahead. Even in the spiritual, the way we look at the divine has undergone changes. The world is moving towards a new era in everything. So let’s not just sit tight. Look out for change. Otherwise we will become ancients. So let’s move on.

Image Courtesy by pixabay