The Same Mistake Again!

I now understand so I won’t make the same mistake again. We have heard these words spoken thousands of times by everyone including your good self and yet the same incident is repeated again and again. We can never listen or understand.
Repetition is the universal process. You just look around and you will know that. The sun rises every day, the moon does the same, the weather does it too, parents do it and the children repeat the same over and over again. Nature repeats everything and so does human being. It is inbuilt and inherent so what can be done?
If you are out to change the world, let me assure you that you cannot change anyone or anything at all. You are sure to refute me and challenge me that people do change but then I will ask you, do they?
If that was the case the environment would not repeat itself again and again. The floods and droughts, the seasons repeat, the hot follows cold, the land shifts and clears water and again the water erodes and creates land. Things happen in a repeated cycle. You too undergo such changes and reversals. So tell me you have changed and I will tell you that you will revert back to your original behavior.
So stop saying I will change. You will find it tough to change.
But see the bright side of this change. You know that if you are down in the dumps now financially or emotionally, then soon you will be up and running about. Money wise or any other issues of your life will change for the better. But mind you, that too will go away. You will again be the same old miserable self that you were before you found your wealth or wife.
Someone said,” I was the happiest because I had money, name, fame and a beautiful woman till yesterday. But today I am poor and lost everything because my wife found out!”
You think that man will remain like that forever? Not at all. He will be up and swinging once again. You see monkeys live to swing! So does our states.
So stop trying to alter your states. Just be your good self and you will enjoy life as it comes!