The Seed And You.

Every seed carries the potential of growing into a tree. Likewise every human being has the seed of spirituality in themselves. You may not recognize the potential in your being but it is there lying dormant. Trees don’t grow suddenly. The seed has to be planted on the right kind of soil, given enough water, sunshine, food, etc. Tended with a lot of care, not allowing the pests to destroy it, protecting from elements and animals, the plant grows big and tall. At the right time it will bear fruit and then enclose the seed for further propagation.
Spiritual development is very similar. You have to first sow the seed of that divine knowledge in you. Help it grow by the process of spiritual sadhanas or processes for flowering. Wait for the right moment. Let the gardener(guru) tend to you. He takes care of you so that your sadhanas bear fruits.
Sometimes He puts a fence round it so that the animals and the environment does no harm to your progress.
So proceed on the path of spiritual with dedication and complete the sadhanas needed for progress. Your unfoldment is for sure.