The Store Manager And The Salesman!

The store manager and the salesman.
In a very large supermarket, the customer was looking out for a washing machine. He scanned and assessed various machines. The salesman was trying hard to push a newer and fairly unknown brand. He was finally able to convince the customer to buy that costlier brand.
A few days later, the machine stopped working. He came back to the store and lodging a complaint, went away happily. The service engineer came to repair and the dream run lasted only a month after that.
The customer was infuriated and went back to the store to get the refund or replacement for his machine. Alas, he was so angry that he yelled all over the place. He told the salesman how bad his machine was and even his service. The argument heated up and finally the customer demanded to see the manager.
The manager was very apologetic and gushed all over the customer. The customer was so adamant that in his frustration, he called the store and the salesman names. Finally it came to the manager sacking that salesman.
The salesman started pleading and begging of the customer and manager for mercy. He was so convincing that the customer relented and gave in. The salesman saved his job.
When the customer left the store, the manager had sold him additional warranty for the same idiotic machine.
The customer was not aware that both the store and the staff had made larger margins in their above con sale and the useless service contract.
Once the customer was beyond earshot, the manager and other salesmen had a hearty laugh. They had put up a fantastic show for trapping the silly customer.
Know the world of maya is a very tricky place. Never fall for that.