The Story Of Likes And Dislikes

likes and dislikesWe often like or dislike somethings in life. Situations that are to our liking make us happy and joyous. Those which make us feel terrible or small are the ones we dislike. So now you see the pattern? Our tastes are motivated by our likes and dislikes. You hated the smell of liquor in your fathers breath as a child but now you love alcohol! Why does this hate turn into love? Or the reverse when you loved your girlfriends independent ways but after getting married to her, you hate her independent way of thinking! So your likes or dislikes can make or break your way of living. If devoted to your dislikes you will just live life only for the sake of their conversion alone and that would mean you will not live for yourself. For example- if you have seen paucity and inadequacy in your life, you will want to feel abundant and will work towards that alone. You will forget your true calling and only focus on your fulfillments. Don’t you ever forget the reason why you are here! So stop trying to fill in the gaps and begin filling your life with far greater motivations or your true reasons for being born. You are not here to plug some tiny egoistic loopholes but for greater reasons decided by God! Don’t get swayed but some idiotic human behavior or silly situation and loose your focus in life!

Image Courtesy by pixabay