The Taxi

She got inside the taxi and told the driver where to go.
The door opened suddenly and a hotel staff asked her to get out since she had not been in the place where they hail the cabs.
She explained to him that she had to reach another part of town desperately for an interview. He understood her rush and was closing the door letting her go for her interview.
But from the other side a woman came rushing in and got inside pushing the young girl out.
The young girl told the lady the same about getting across the town for an interview, but the lady told her off that she didn’t care.
The lady told the young girl that she has been waiting for the cab for fifteen minutes and she was not bothered whether it was her interview or whatever! She berated her further for not adhering to the rules for getting a cab.
The young girl had to get off the cab and lost her time getting across town for the said interview.
The girl couldn’t get any transport for a very long time. She couldn’t make it for that said interview.
Fortunately for her the company was kind enough to reschedule the interview for the next week.
Unfortunately, she saw another face of life when the lady pulled her out and told her she didn’t care for her or her job.
This mean streak in life tells us how petty we have all become.
Just like the people writing about Baltimore or Nepal tragedy in their mean tweets.
For once can we not be kind and compassionate towards our fellow beings?

Image Courtesy by pixabay