The Teddy Bear

The teddy bear was very dirty but she caught him so lovingly. Holding tight in her little arms, she hoped her father would come soon.
She knew he would come, but just before he left, wearing his beautiful uniform, he had told her to hug the teddy bear tightly and feel his presence. He took a Polaroid then.
But he never kept his promise of coming. He died fighting in the deadly war.
Many years later, she was surfing the net, she came across the same teddy bears picture of hers hugging it. The person who had put it up had asked if someone could identify this picture.
She wrote to that person sending him details about herself and asked how he came across that picture?
The man replied that their army had caught this young man during the war. He had died of severe injuries, while clutching this picture in hand. There was no identification available of his anywhere. Maybe he was working for a secret group, he thought. This young man found that picture in his own fathers effects, when he died. So he had put it up.
They met at a prominent place and he exchanged the picture with her. She is very beautiful, he thought. They went to have a coffee. Exchanged notes and went their ways.
Not for long. The teddy bear picture had kindled a long term relationship.
Now they are happily married to each other.
Moral: Sometimes some things happen which may be insignificant or worthless to us then. But in retrospect we can see their deeper significance. So don’t discount any occurrences in life. They are all programmed for something bigger at a later date.

Teddy bear

Image Courtesy  by    Google Images