The Thirsty Crow

We have all heard of the thirsty crow and how he searched for water. He found a pot which had very little water below so he started to put stones in the pot. The water rose and he drank it and flew away happily.
Now the new story. The modern crow was too thirsty. He looked around for water and found the pot filled very little with water. He remembered the old story of his ancestor about throwing stones in the pot for water to rise. He thought about it. It was too lame and stupid story. No brainer!
Then he realized that his ancestor wasn’t privileged to have GPRS, GPS or Google Maps. He took out his latest android and located the nearest store. He bought a bottle of Evian and drank it. He would have preferred a bubbly instead but this expensive spring water would do for now, he thought!
Fully satisfied and satiated, he set out for his next kill.

Image Courtesy by pixabay