The Torn Underwear!

Why does she always wear the torn underwears?
She worked for a big multinational. She bought a house on loan. She paid the equated monthly installments regularly. She lovingly decorated that possession. That house she gave on rent. The rent she collected she gave to her old parents. They lived off that for many years before they died.
More than sixty percent of the salary went in the loans. She saved a small amount of money every month. After the loan got paid off in twenty years, she thought of moving in that house. Soon her brother fell ill. His family came to stay with her. All her savings were spent in buying his medicines. He died tragically of cancer.
Now his wife and kids occupy that house and she stays separate in another rented block. With her house taken by her relatives and all money gone, she had to take up employment again to sustain herself and pay for her rent. She has become old and still bothers about her future, security and retirement. There is no escape or choices, she has to work till she dies!
She wears torn underwears now.

Torn Clothes
Torn Clothes

Image Courtesy by Studio Creations