The Trap Of Maya

How do we fall into the trap of Maya?
When we get into some material worldly activity, we hardly have any clue what we are signing up for. A lifetime of pleasure or pain, intermittent or continuous, fragmented or perennial. Somehow we are never told what we are getting into.

A young man falls in love with a beautiful girl. He has no idea what he has got into. He believes that he is extremely happy with his beautiful possession. He dreams of getting married and settling down. It’s a tough road to get to marriage. Yet, he arrives there partially aware of what he is getting into. The expenses on trivial stuff which haven’t been accounted for makes him realize that there are so many hidden things which he hardly knows about. The nuptials are just not exchanging vows or rings but bringing home a load of family legacies. They start their lives with hope and great aspirations for the future, still blissfully unaware of the impending dangers. What follows can never be documented here but you can be rest assured the tumultuous life has begun. The arrival of children starts another phase, never foreseen by either of them. From diapers to doctors, schools to PTAs, girl troubles to boy troubles and the list is endless. The journey never ends even after the children have left. The grandchildren follow and thereafter old age and geriatric issues. It’s a never ending stream of troubles and headaches.

It so happens that one of the devotees decided to publish my blogs in a book format. The act seemed simple enough, but how was she to know what goes into it. From beginning the compilation was fraught with trouble. The idea that you just got to give the initial payment and that everything just happens was the biggest blunder. The preface, foreword, the back cover, the author bio, the acknowledgements, etc were never considered. Thereafter the cover picture or design. Creating it turned into a nightmare. Once all these things got out of the way, it was time for copyrights, then edits, then it was ISBN number, then marketing and now do you really think the whole thing has ended? To get the book on the shelf and then in the hands of a reader and finally his mind? Does that end anywhere?

Now tell me is there anything in this world which doesn’t come with its own troublesome issues?
Even the simple act of buying gold or a car may seem so innocuous but check out what you have got into. People fight over even one extra gram of weight when it is being distributed in the will.
A car comes with it’s own issues. The petrol, the air, the maintenance, the insurance, accidental damages, cleaning, garage, filter changes and what nots. Then to exchange or sell? It’s a real headache. Better to use the public transport you will say.
Why are we going so further, let’s dwell on our own selves. We are so full of likes and dislikes, wants and desires, inertia or activity, birth and death, attachments and possessiveness, anger and greed, lust and inertia. Then what is it that can steady us up?
Always swinging and jumping from one branch to another like a monkey, our lives are full of worthless activities. These possessions or desires can never give us happiness or contentment. They will always keep us on our tenterhooks. Aimlessly running around in circles. Exactly like the bulls who went round and round to extract oil. The bulls never gained anything but their Master did. He extracted the oil.
So you are now sure, there is someone out there who is getting the benefit from your desires. Just like those scientists watching the rat reach the cheese in the maze. This unique one who watches you go through the motions of life is called Maya. She is a great one to egg you onwards. What does she achieve you may ask by putting you in trouble? She is that mistress of creation who pushes it towards doom. She achieves the objective of propagation and progression. Her world is fast moving towards completion and doom. Anything that is born has to die, so it’s important someone does the job of destruction too. Maya is the eternal power of The Lord which makes this universe hurtle faster and faster towards its destruction.
The more a person drinks liquor he is hastening towards his death, the excesses in sex or food is pushing towards termination. The faster your seed is dispersed, the faster your end. See how the Mother Nature works. She has a unique system, by which once the seeds are deposited the seed giver is eliminated. The more gluttonous you become the easier for death or disease to strike.
Maya’s methods may be very devious but understand them well. She induces you to fall for her and then do her actions. Once you perform them, your role is over. You can be safely eliminated.
Maya is the illusory or delusory potency of The Lord. Trust in Him and not His delusory potency. Don’t fall for Her. Make Maya your friend and let Her help you meet The Lord by removing the veil of material ignorance.

The Trap Of Maya

Image Courtesy by Antaryamin